The Ministry

APOSTLE LASCELLES RUSSELL, Pastor and visionary called by God to bring forth the gospel of Jesus Christ for over twenty-five years. Pastor Russell and his family migrated to the United States in 2001 where he continued his ministry in New Jersey. He had been the Pastor of a church that he planted by God’s guidance in New Jersey. He recalls in 2012 that the church has been growing and thriving for the past three years; it was during this time while driving to Bible study, on a Wednesday night the Spirit of the Lord
impressed upon his heart to take the gospel of Grace through Jesus Christ which he has been ministering in the United States to the cities and towns of his homeland, Jamaica. Immediately Pastor Rus-sell knew it would be a great sacrifice both for the church and financially. He was faced with the challenge of leaving a successfully growing church to something he knew not what to expect. However, He was obedient and answered the call of God to bring a message of grace to His people in Jamaica. Like Abraham, he went not knowing but expecting God to show up.

In 2014 Pastor Russell went to Jamaica and erected a big tent in one of the major towns of Jamaica where he held nightly crusade meetings and preached the gospel under the theme “Breaking the Limits.” Nightly as he declared the word of God sharing the message of His grace many people received deliverance from all kinds of evil lifestyle. As Pastor Russell traveled to cities and town preaching the gospel, the grace of God captivated the hearts of the people, giving birth to the ministry of Grace. To date, under “Grace” over 20 churches have been planted Jamaica.

God has opened a new door for ministry in 2016 where Pastor Russell will be taking the gospel of Grace into the schools to win the hearts and souls of the children for the glory of God.

Our Partners

Apostle Lascelles Russell currently serves as the founding pastor of Grace Christian ministries international in Jamaica, Canada,and United States. In 1992 Apostle Russell and his wife Ann along with Elder Brian and Tami Doorly started Grace Christian Ministries international which was named valley Christian ministries. Elder Doorly and Tami Doorly who reside in Nothern Virginia came into partnership with Apostle and his wife Ann with their resources, their love, and their passion to serve people. They devoted themselves to the mission in Jamaica. Their ministry to our family has grown over 20+ years stronger through prayerful and lasting relationship. Our vision is strengthened through: reaching the lost through the Gospel, Building relationships with Jesus Christ. Empowering the hurting. Integrating people from diverse backgrounds into our churches. By helping people develop strong and healthy and lasting relationships and leading generations for Christ that impact the communities, culture and world. We value all people. We endeavor to continue to the highest level of love, care and serve others. Thank you so much Elder Brian and Tami Doorly for your leadership in outreach projects: building the schools, churches, and serving the communities.